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Ryan Leier

Yoga Teacher + lululemon Global Ambassador 

Ryan is a Canadian yoga practitioner, student, and occasionally a teacher. 

Whether in his own One Yoga studios or as an ambassador of yoga to communities around the world, his expression of this ancient, yet vital tradition consistently touches people’s hearts. 

Ryan is a student of the Krishamacharya yoga lineage and continues to study with his Indigenous elders and yoga teachers.

Ilwad Elman

Elman Peace Centre COO

Peace + Mental Health Activist

Ilwad is a Somali-Canadian activist and peacebuilder. She oversees the Elman Peace and Human Rights Centre in Mogadishu and is an expert advisor on Youth, Peace, and Security to the United Nations.

From the front lines of conflict and often in the face of extreme insecurities, Ilwad has sparked national movements and garnered international attention to yield action towards durable solutions for the crisis in Somalia. 

Sophie Grgoire Trudeau


Sophie is a mental health, self-esteem, and gender equality activist and public speaker. She’s also a devoted yogi and trained yoga teacher for adults and kids (she’s also a mom of three!). 

All of Sophie’s professional activities are geared towards listening to the ones in need and empowering all beings for more inner peace. As a nature lover and intrepid sportswoman, she’s endlessly inspired!

Joseph Naytowhow

Nehiyaw and Knowledge Keeper

Joseph is a gifted Plains/Woodland Cree singer/songwriter, storyteller, and voice/stage/film actor from the Sturgeon Lake First Nation Band in Saskatchewan, Canada. 

Fifteen years of study with a Buddhist master, combined with his nêhiyaw/Cree traditional knowledge and experience as an interdisciplinary artist has nurtured Joseph’s generosity and compassion for sharing cultural knowledge.

Featured Dancer

Kendra Jessie


Catherine Njeri

Srivatsa Ramaswami

Shayla Stonechild

Father Joe Pereira

Jeff Jones and Leslie Salmon Jones

Joshna Ramakrishnan

Lauren Eckstrom

Travis Eliot

Malina Dawn

Ingibjorg Stefansdottir

Juri Ko Edwards

Kim Strother

Gicelle Magloire-Mayers

Jordyn Burnouf



Michael Franti

Emmanuel Jal

Rachel Platten

Theo Croker

Chantel Kreviazuk

Wade Morissette

Woody Harrelson

Serena Ryder


Mark Mcmorris

Nick Foles

Stephanie Labb

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